Dark Tea
Dark Tea
Hunan (Anhua Yiyang) dark tea has entered the UN Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, which is a good opportunity for Hunan dark tea to enter the international mark
Anhua county locates in the central of Hunan province, with population of 950,000 persons.
Average annual temperature here is 17 degrees Celsius, with an avera

City Planning
Speed up urbanization constructionTo aim at expanding city capacity and improving citizen’s living standard, Anhua will
Investment Projects
Yiyang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereafter called “Yiyang Hi-tech Zone” for short) is a province-level key
Key Industries
Development zones & industrial parks
Gaoming Industrial Park of Circular Economy
Under the suppo
Exchange Rates
Broadcast Highlights Hunan Geography Show Story 3US Communtiy